2 Chronicles 16:10

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“Asa was angry with the seer because of this; he was so enraged that he put him in prison...”

Like Jeroboam, King Asa refuted the truth when accosted by Hanani the seer for not reposing his trust in God. One would expect that king Asa would listen and turn a new leaf since he has been walking with God for some years, but he became angry and put the seer in prison.

The truth is bitter. Unlike these aforementioned kings, king David was remorseful and pleaded guilty before God and repented when confronted by the prophet Nathan for committing adultery and murder. Many times we find it uneasy to own up and take to corrections when we make mistakes or sin against God; but this only happens when our hearts are void of the fear of God, love, and faithfulness. How-ever, any heart filled with the fear of God and love for Him will not find it offensive when corrected or reprimanded for wrong-doing.

Therefore let us lay aside every form of ungodly acts that the devil might capitalize on to blindfold anyone from seeing and embracing the truth. Lastly, if we humble ourselves and repent from our sins, God is ever willing to forgive and take us back.


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